MeTL Group

From fiber to yarn

MeTL Group acquired a sisal-spinning mill, 21st Century Holdings Ltd, in 2001 to further integrate its sisal processing operations. The mill is located in Dar es Salaam and produces sisal yarns, twines, and ropes for local and export markets.

Through 21st Century Holdings Ltd, MeTL Group manufactures tie ropes, sisal fabric, specialty ropes, and polishing cloths for local markets, while producing fine yarns for export, which are further processed into wire ropes, floor coverings, sisal buff, and carpets.

MeTL Group also acquired TPM Ltd (1998), a sisal bags manufacturing factory employing close to 650 people. The company’s two factories, in Morogoro and in Kilimanjaro produce 10 million sisal bags per annum, more than 35% of Tanzania’s total annual sisal output.

MeTL sisal bags are manufactured in line with Tanzania’s Bureau of Standards (TBS) regulations and are used primarily to package agricultural commodities countrywide. TPM uses palm oil to condition sisal fibres, making them hydrocarbon free and suitable for packing food materials like coffee, beans, cashew nuts, pulses, cocoa, maize, and cloves.

All export orders fulfilled by 21st Century Holdings Ltd and TPM are customised to customer specifications. Our export markets include Japan, India, Israel, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Greece, France, Ethiopia, Germany, and other East African Community states.

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