MeTL Group

East Africa’s number one distributor of India-made automobiles

Bajaj Auto India Ltd is the world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer and India’s second-largest motorcycle manufacturer. MeTL Group is its only distributor of auto products and spare parts in Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, and Malawi.

MeTL Bajaj was established in 2018 as a manufacturer of two-wheeler automobiles, popularly known in Tanzania as Bodabodas. In May 2021, it introduced three-wheeler automobiles, commonly referred to as Bajajis.

MeTL Group imports all products in Complete Knock-Down (CKD) conditions. Packaged in small boxes, we assemble them at the MeTL Bajaj state-of-the-art assembly plant in Dar es Salaam. The plant provides employment and technical expertise to local Tanzanians, employing 52 technicians who assemble up to 6,000 motorcycles per month.

MeTL Bajaj has trained over 10,000 mechanics and expert technicians to repair Bajajis and Bodabodas. And with over 200 Spares and Service (2S) centres widely distributed across the country, Bajaj users can repair and replace machine parts on demand. As an added perk, every Bajaj product is insured for three months by Mo Assurance upon purchase.

Our six branches and network of 300+ MeTL Bajaj dealers across Tanzania continue to grow our reach, selling automobiles and supporting the country’s last-mile logistics. Every one of our 100,000+ buyers is part of our customer engagement program, trained to take care of their machines and manage their finances, so they too can grow their businesses.