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Started in December 2010, Star Oil (T) Ltd is one of MeTL Group’s newest business ventures. Located near Dar es Salaam’s port at Kurasini, the company’s petroleum depots are connected to four harbour-to-plant pipelines for bulk petroleum product procurement direct from the Kurasini Oil Jetty (KOJ) port into the company’s storage tanks.

Star Oil’s strategic location allows for fast offloading capacity, resulting in significant operational savings. The facility has three loading gantries, with a loading capacity of 5 million litres per day, making Star Oil the most efficient petroleum depot in Tanzania.

Star Oil’s storage facilities can store 38 million litres of petroleum products. Coupled with the Group’s reliable and efficient distribution channels, Star Oils supplies petroleum products to petrol stations, manufacturing plants, and other bulk consumers of petroleum products, locally and in neighbouring Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Burundi.

Star Oil operates a network of 14 retail pump stations across the country and aims to increase this number to 50 petrol stations within the next two years. For the best fueling experience, each Star Oil retail pump station operates a service centre, a convenience store, and a cafe. Star Oil retail pump stations’ company-owned, company-operated model allows customers to enjoy high-quality fuel at the best price.

Nearly 20 million litres of fuel are sold and distributed by Star Oil every month, a considerable market share. MeTL Group plans to install other storage facilities across the country, in Mozambique, and Rwanda, enhancing the nationwide distribution of petroleum products and fulfilling increasing demand in neighbouring countries. MeTL Group also plans to diversify its petroleum product offerings to include lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas for use in domestic gas cylinders.

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