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MeTL Group’s subsidiary, East Coast Oils and Fats is a state-of-the-art facility composed of a refinery, a dry-fractionation plant, and soap, cooking fat, and margarine manufacturing units. It is the largest plant of its kind on the African continent and boasts an installed production capacity of over 750,000 metric tons per annum.

Strategically located approximately 1.8 km from the Dar es Salaam port, this modern manufacturing facility utilises natural gas from Songo-Songo Island, about 15 km from Tanzania’s mainland and 200km south of Dar es Salaam. The plant’s railway siding provides cost-effective delivery options and ensures the company’s competitive edge when it comes to quality, costs and logistics.

East Coast embodies MeTL’s vision to reach households everywhere with its wide range of home care, personal care, and food processing products. The company mainly trades in edible oil but also manufactures soap, cosmetics, cooking fats, margarine, bread spreads, tea blends and packaging, and liquid and powder detergents. MeTL Group, through East Coast Oils and Fats, boasts 60% of the total market share in edible oil sales from the plant’s 45,000 metric tons production monthly.

East Coast Oils and Fats currently has three oil refineries capable of refining 2400 metric tons per day (over 70,000 metric tons per month), a manufacturing line of soaps with an aggregate capacity of 12,000 metric tons a month, a cosmetics line producing over 300 metric tons per month, and cooking fat and margarine production line that produces 600 metric tons per month of product.

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