MeTL Group

Global Trading

Bringing the world to East and Southern Africa

In recent years, MeTL Group’s strategy has focused on local manufacturing to strengthen Tanzania’s industrial development. Still, global trade remains one of our core businesses. Our trading product portfolio consists of more than 200 products, each in significant quantities.

Our Companies import a myriad of things, including pharmaceuticals, cement, fertilisers, dry cell batteries, automobile parts, trucks and light and heavy-duty vehicles, hurricane lanterns, sewing machines, air conditioners, electronics and electrical equipment, consumer goods, and sundries items from around the globe. We also import liquid commodities, such as palm fatty acid (PFAD), palm stearin, crude palm oil, and olein, all of which help us meet our importation requirements — over 500,000 metric tons per annum.

More than 40 years of global trade experience has made us experts at anticipating and responding to market and consumer trends. By sourcing quality goods at affordable prices, the Group has built on its success year after year, brand after brand.