MeTL Group

Cotton Farming

Sustainable cotton farming

MeTL Group is the largest textile producer in Sub-Saharan Africa, boasting an annual production of over 100 million running metres of fabric. To achieve and maintain this position, MeTL has established sustainable backward integration programs. These include setting up our own cotton ginnery and upskilling local cotton farmers’ business groups, helping to improve the quality and quantity of their yields.

The Group’s cotton ginnery was established in 2011 and has an installed capacity of 300 bales per day (105,000 bales per annum). The plant can process 6,000 kg of seed per hour, totaling more than 45,000 metric tons of seed per annum.

Our ginnery, combined with our bulk purchase of seeded cotton, have, directly and indirectly, ensured sustainable livelihoods for more than 6,000 cotton farmers countrywide.

From Fiber to Garment

Since the ginnery was established, MeTL Group has processed seeded cotton for spinning purposes and exported cottonseed to various global markets, including India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Kenya, and Switzerland.