MeTL Group

Sisal Farming

From leaf to fiber

MeTL Group operates 11 sisal plantations, spanning over 34,500 hectares in five Tanzanian regions — Morogoro, Tanga, Coast, Kilimanjaro, and Lindi. Group farms produce approximately 10,000 metric tons of sisal fibre per annum, contributing 35% to Tanzania’s total sisal production. We aim to double land capacity and produce between 18,000 – 20,000 metric tons of sisal fibre per annum to meet growing domestic and export demands.

At the farms, the sisal leaves are processed into fibres using decorticators. The subsequent waste pulp produced is a potent biogas material with the potential to produce electricity. MeTL Group’s 11 decorticators can produce 6-12 megawatts of energy. Today, an approximate 2 million USD investment is in the pipeline to commission each centre to produce one megawatt of power from freely available sisal waste material.

From Fiber to Yarn

The bulk of the sisal fiber produced on MeTL Group’s estates undergoes value addition via 21st Century Holdings LTD, the Group’s sisal-spinning mill, before it is sent to the market while excess fiber is then mainly exported to markets in the Middle East, Europe, Nigeria, and India.