MeTL Group

Women’s Day

Employee Engagement
Today, most companies advocate for equal opportunities for Women in the workplace, but only a few actively work towards empowering Women in their personal and professional endeavors.

At MeTL, we take great pride in publicizing that currently, we employ female staff at an ascending rate, a great portion of which go on to hold senior positions in the company.

As such, our female employees from 6 of our units participated in the nationwide Women’s Day parade celebration that took place on the Mnazi Moja grounds on International Women’s Day, 8th March, representing Trade Unions under the banner of TUCTA. This year, promoting the slogan “Innovation for a gender equal future”.

Indeed, it is our female staff who have had a significant role in raising the organization to its peak, through their unique talents, endless efforts, unmatched resilience and their eagerness to continue to grow – all qualities that are especially inherent only in womenkind. Let’s celebrate all the women in our lives, and around the world today, and applaud them for conquering the challenges in their way and making momentous contributions to all areas of our lives.